Check me out- in this hat built to match this new costume!

A Wonderful Life Making Beautiful Things...

I am a producer known for costumes and general wizardry. By training and 25+ years' practice, I am a super-fast cutter, draper, pattern-maker and fabricator. In preproduction and on-set, I manage projects, crews, clients, events, budgets and logistics. Behind the scenes, I work on much that I keep quiet about, but publicly I co-manage a famous production design studio that bears my family name.

In my work I enjoy some fantastic zen states as well as great clients, colleagues, students and friends. It is awesome partnering with innovative performers and other creatives who keep raising the bar for exciting content and engaging design!

PRESENTATIONS for YOUR Business or Academic Group

MASCOTS DEMYSTIFIED: Sweet Successes and Funny Failures Throughout History. A visual and interactive workshop covering ideas, designs, psychology, numbers and ad-reach for some of the most memorable (as well as most forgettable) campaigns ever. A presentation especially for marketing creatives and ad sales directors who need to make critical decisions that send the right messages.

ETHICAL WORK: When Designers Need to Put Down Their Tools and Walk Away. For creatives and designers who've had enough, and who need practical solutions and reminders about why it's important as citizens and designers to have a moral compass.

HOW TO HIRE: What Your Business Needs to Know About Contracting and Working With Designers. We are in a fantastic subcontracting economy, full of opportunities! Businesses and designers need to develop common languages as well as best practices and clear contracts for managing project expectations and outcomes. I explain how to do all these so everyone wins!

Creative Work

My production and costume design operation in Salt Lake City is called McGrew Studios.

My colleagues and I make amazing things.

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I have a Curriculum Vitae here.

The print version needs a lot of paper.

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Strong Ideas- Moderately Held

Mostly I keep my most incendiary ideas to myself. But there's a bit of verbage here.

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Time to Get Busy ...

  • On the costumes, props and environments for your next film or creative project-
  • On the new bespoke wardrobe and effects you'll show off at your next big public presentation-
  • On your script and its narrative-
  • On cultural and artistic issues you're feeling compelled to discuss-