Creative Work

My production and costume design company in Salt Lake City is called McGrew Studios.

My colleagues and I make amazing things.

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I have a Curriculum Vitae.

The print version needs a lot of paper.

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Strong Ideas- Moderately Held

Mostly I keep my most incendiary ideas to myself.

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A Life of Making Beautiful Things…

My work affords me awesome zen states plus terrific clients, colleagues, students and friends.

I get to partner with the most innovative companies on projects that keep raising the bar for engaging design and exciting events.


Would you like….

…something custom made for your production?

…me to present to your group?

My specialty presentations for business audiences include:

  • What businesses need to know when they’re looking to hire designers for events, commercials, advertising, conventions, special promotions, etc.
  • The successes and failures of different types of mascot designs for business.
  • Design ethics- where and how designers can and should draw boundaries around producing bad or unethical work.

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